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I had a good, unexpected thing happen this week. I am on SSDI (Social Security Disability), and I work part time. My finances are tight, but I have enough money to pay my monthly bills. However, it's hard to save money, and I've had to ask my parents for help with things such as unexpected dental and medical bills and car repairs.

My father encouraged me to apply for food stamps and I got them. I really didn't think I would. I don't think of myself as that poor. The state worker, who determined that I qualified for food stamps, also told me that I may qualify for help with my Medicare premium, and housing assistance, so now I'm in the process of applying for those programs.

If you're on SSDI , or are just living on a low income, I would encourage you to go to the agencies in your state that help with food, medical treatment, housing, etc., and apply for the various programs. You might get some benefits that could help you live more comfortably, and maybe save a little money each month.

I've been on SSDI for four years, and nobody told me that I might qualify for this type of help. When I first received SSDI, I may have been embarrassed to write about this, but after living on a very restrictive budget for the past four years, I am not ashamed. I will accept the help. I am grateful for it.


  1. I just had a bad experience withthis in UT. I applied for food stamps late May/Early June, and few weeks ago now I gave up my hands in disgust.

    See, one's tax return, at least in my state, does NOT count towards income they consider; it's exempt from that. I sent them bank statements from receipt of the tax return up through the most current, so they could see the whole train of money, as they'd asked. I filled out their review forms (one set of which was triggered for my daughter's Medicaid, and eventually she got kicked off, not because we make too much but because they won't follow their own rules). I sent all the verifications they asked for.

    One month, they said I had until June 28th to send verifications. I sent them, then n the 20th I got a notice they were kicking us all off Medicaid, and no food stamps, because they hadn't received verifications. WTH? I still had the original notice that said I had til the 28th.

    I contacted them, and we started most of this all over, and it was a pain, all over again, and I got a call two weeks ago that they were probably going to not qualify us, she had some questions but no matter what I said, she couldn't find some of the verifies I'd sent in, and couldn't find anything saying that the lump money was tax return (um, I sent several things in about that, highlighting what they'd requested).

    So, I still have medicaid just because I get SSI, but qualification for my child was different. Oh, it's only two digits of SSI, a tiny amount. And of course no food stamps.

    They are committing fraud by breaking their rules but I'm too exhausted mentally from the process to bother. (Of course, our church has what's called a Bishop's Storehouse which is like a mini market, that we get free food from).

    I am so tired of living off my Church's generosity, I figured I pay taxes (well, before we were so poor we get much of it back) and I'd live off food stamps awhile (not forever!).

    Stupid racking fracking bureacracy.


    1. I'm sorry it didn't work out. I live in Kentucky and the state agencies I have dealt with have been much more efficient. I know you have been through a huge ordeal, but it may be possible that you had the misfortune of dealing with an incompetent worker. If you have the energy, I think it may be a good idea for you to ask them to review your files again. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but I'm glad that your church is helping. Best of luck.

    2. Anonymous8/08/2012

      Yeah, Wisconsin didnt help much, but I moved to Oregon and they helped much more. my thoughts are with you and don't give up...there are bound to be more humans that will help us when in need.

    3. Jennifer8/09/2012

      I read your post, but none of the replies and I applaud you not only for your honesty but for your willingness to ask for help. It's weird but it seems that there are some folks on financial assistance that don't appreciate it and others who are extremely grateful. I was on assistance for a time and I reallllllly needed it. I truly believed that I would never be a "functioning" member of society or be able to work and manage the stress. Fast forward to about 15 years later and I've been able to hold down a job consistently for 6+ years. It's growing process. I am glad you are willing to share your experience with others!

    4. Thanks. I'm accepting the help I need right now, but I don't see my situation as permanent. I still have hope for the future, I just have to be smart and make my moves at the right time to avoid setbacks that could be costly. Sometimes recovery is like a maze.

  2. Hi,
    I'm a single mom of two kids and have been on ssdi since 2005. I became a single mom over 2 years now. I have moved from place to place and have even lived with my parents. I currently have a place for my children and I. I am a month to almost 2 months behind on everything, I can not even make doctors appts because I can not even afford the copays. I was approved for food stamps where I was only eligible for 79.00 a month. I feel like I have researched for so long and I have no clue what to do in order to get my life back straight? I go without a lot to ensure that my children do not. I feel desperate and lost no idea what to do for help. If you or anyone can advise me on finding help I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. I am new to this myself. I have been stable on my medication for about a month, but I was manic and then depressed for about five months, so I can relate to being behind on things. If you have asked all of the state agencies for help, you may want to check with local churches, food banks, Catholic Charities and health clinics for low income people. All of those resources are available where I live. Unfortunately, there is no one stop shopping. It takes some energy to investigate programs and help you may qualify for. Sometimes one organization can point you in the direction of another organization. Best of luck. I know it's hard to survive on very little.

  3. That’s true. In a time of financial crisis, it’s really best to explore your options through different organizations or agencies. And there are even some that will walk you through the process of applying for loans or benefits that fit your situation. Anyway, it’s good to know that everything worked out just fine for you. And I hope it will continue to be that way. Take care!

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils

    1. I wrote this because knowing that there is financial assistance might give people hope if they are feeling desperate about their financial situation. I am still doing okay. Thanks for your well wishes.

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