Medication Change

In May, I took the GeneSight test and found out that I have a genetic mutation--MTHFR homozygous C677T. This means that I will have low folate levels no matter how much folate I consume. For this reason, my psychiatric nurse practitioner prescribed a supplement called Deplin, which is L-Methylfolate, and is recommended for people with this genetic mutation because it is a form of folate that my body can use. With enough folate in my body, I should have fewer health risks and my medication should also work better. A lot people with bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and ADHD have this genetic mutation and Deplin is considered to be a dietary treatment for these disorders.

Because I am now taking Deplin, I was advised to cut my doses of psychiatric medications in half. I am now taking 100 mg. Lamictal, 100 mg. Seroquel, and 15 mg. Deplin. I successfully cut my Lamictal dose in half, but I haven't been able to go lower than 100 mg. on Seroquel. If I take a lower dose, I don't sleep well, and feel very tired the next day. My psychiatric nurse practitioner suggested that a switch to a low dose of Vraylar, along with the Deplin, may work well for me and may end some of my dangerous side effects from Seroquel (whenever I take Seroquel, my blood sugar goes up, my cholesterol is higher, and I gain weight, and then have a hard time losing it). So, I may discuss making the change to Vraylar at my next appointment. Vraylar seems to work better than Seroquel for some people and have fewer side effects for some people.

Since this medication change, I've been feeling more alert. I've been enjoying the end of the summer, and I feel equipped to do everything I need to do with confidence that I can remain stable. I'm continuing to practice good self-care, which for me means drinking lots of water, eating well, limiting caffeine and sugar, exercising, getting plenty of rest and sleep, spending time with friends and family, avoiding alcohol, and taking things one step at a time.

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