Soccer, Swimming, Saphris, and Summer!

Things are looking up for me since my hospitalization last month. I've been back to work for almost a month, and I'm enjoying my days both at work and outside of work. I started playing soccer again, after a ten year hiatus, and I'm delighting in it. I look forward to the once-a-week game all week, and it inspires me to exercise every day.

Taking less lithium, as my psychiatrist has directed me to do, makes it much easier to play soccer, and also to stay hydrated. I started taking Seroquel in the hospital to stop my mania. I've taken it before, and it caused a lot of weight gain. However, this time, I snacked on low calorie foods whenever I had the munchies and ended up losing 7 pounds also probably, in part, to playing soccer again.

Last week, when I went to see my psychiatrist, she suggested that I replace Seroquel with Saphris. The last time I tried Saphris, I was depressed, and I felt that it made my depression worse. However, I wasn't taking Lamictal, at the time, which I am now. So, I started Saphris about a week ago, and I feel great. Last night, I played better soccer than I've played so far this season, and I felt more coordinated. Also, I'm more alert and have not needed as much sleep as I did when I took Seroquel. I'm back to sleeping 7 or 8 hours instead of my usual 10 hours when I was taking Seroquel. I've heard that Saphris is a "wonder drug" for some people, and I'm hoping that will be the case for me.

Every year, I look forward to the beginning of swimming season, and this year was no different. I had a great time swimming at my condo pool for the first time this year. My conditioning for soccer consists of walking in hilly places, swimming, and taking a spinning class. I'm still going to the YMCA for swimming workouts, but my condo pool is so nice for a peaceful dip after a long, hot day, and sometimes, if I'm inspired, I swim some extra laps. This happens more often as the water warms up. I absolutely love to swim in a warm pool with the sun shining down on me!

It's definitely summer in Kentucky. The temperatures have already reached the mid nineties. I don't have any big plans for the season. It's hard to save money for a vacation, as I'm collecting Social Security Disability, and only allowed to work part-time. So, I'm working on being patient and appreciating the simple things in life, such as spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the sunny weather and lazier days.

Luckily, in my town, there are lots of  inexpensive things to do--art festivals, neighborhood fairs, free and cheap musical performances, etc. I have a lot to be thankful and grateful for, and I'm happy that I'm getting back on track. Someday, I hope that I'll be stable enough to start working full-time again. But, for now, I'm going to take advantage of the extra time that I have each day, and work on strengthening myself, both mentally and physically.


  1. I hope that this works for you!!
    I have been grappling with depression for a few months. I am on Lamictal, Tegretol and was just weaned off of the devil drug (in my opinion) Abilify.
    Next up to bat is Lithium I think and I'm terrified.
    But this post gives me promise and hope. Thank you for writing it.
    The medication yo yo is so frustrating and I hope that this is the right balance for you.

  2. I'm glad this post is giving you hope. The trial and error of psychiatry is quite frustrating. After 22 years, I feel like my medication is almost right.